Blender 2.8 development thread

AutoCAD is IMO a complete UI disaster. The aliases are much slower to use than traditional shortcuts and you have to confirm them with spacebar all the time. At the same time there are traditional shortcuts (that need ctrl, shift or alt to work) but those shortcuts don’t need to be confirmed with spacebar. That is not very consistent. You can’t even have simple one letter shortcuts in AutoCAD which Blender uses for the most frequent things and they are the main reason why modelling in Blender is so fast.

I tend to assume all changes in blender as good, but I’m exceptical about the new mode selection shortcuts. As stated before, the Tab shortcut is quite in the core of the blender workflow, and personally i don’t think changing it should be a good idea.

My two cents.
Thanks for reading!

all the years using blender beside 3ds max, i never realized that the gui and concept or shortcuts of blender were a disadvantage to 3ds max. i always felt it was superior to max. A lot other things like the slow viewport were reasons to use max. Selecting object in 3d view was a pain with heavy scenes! You need to wait for several seconds if you have many objects.
Now i just reallly wonder why there is so many changes and focus on the ui and also shortcuts. The new viewport just looks fancy. Some people got crazy about the old cursor behaviour and need to make it unvisible… pfff. Ok, a lot stuff is nice to have but imo absolut not necessary. I just really wonder if the viewport will speed up in the end compared to the old one. I am a lil afraid that it will be slower than the old one… I would love to see focus on viewport perfomance and i am afraid that adding som much fancy features will slow down everthing there…


I propose use F1-F6 for Switch Modes. And 1-0 for submodes.
Why developers create so hard solution for hotkeys? In different mods hotkeys for pie menu is different. Why?
Use F1 for object mode, F2 for edit mode etc. (or another kays). And use 1-0 for switching betwen submodes without pie menu.
sorry for my english


It could be nice to have the color of objects directly in the overlay to not have to go the the properties to edit it.

Same for HDRI, could be nice to have unlimited rotation and strenght since it’s not the hdri from the environement properties.



It sounds like you haven’t really used pie menus… Or at least taken the time to get used to them. Pie menus provide at least 3 benefits:

  1. They allow freeing up of keys,
  2. They allow more tools to be quickly accessed,
  3. And the main reason: The gestural enabling of especially submenu items (such as changing edit mode) is far faster than pressing a hotkey then selecting your desired option.

Though, to be fair, Blender’s default access to pie menus make them a bit slower than Maya’s marking menus. In Blender, you have to press a hotkey to enable a pie menu then drag out, whereas in Maya, you can always immediately right-click (well, with mouse over the correct object) and drag out. It’s such a faster workflow.

Blender users shouldn’t have to pay for an add-on to easily customize pie menus - something that could be quite fundamental in using the software in 2.8. It’ll be like users having to pay to easily customize hotkeys.

I agree, more accessibility when editing object colors would be nice. Something else really cool would be if there was an option for the object color to be automatically extracted based on the EEVEE/Cycles node setup… that way there would be less need for individual object color assigning.

Trickster. Back-face culling, you see the back face normal and it’s pointing in the right direction from the view. But with it off, you see the front face and it’s pointing in the wrong direction.

Don’t know how to fix it, but if you work with back-face culling on for asset creation to game engines. turn it off if you wan’t to inspect face normals.

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The idea is to postpone the default as pie menus until holding down the key is implemented.

Switching modes (Postpone until we have sticky keys - so pie-menu’s only show on hold).

The idea is to allowing tabbing in and out between object and edit mode and call the pie when the key is held down. That could be a good compromise, also that functionality can be really useful for add-ons.


Maybe we could have something like that : Number to switch between modes, and another key to switch between sub-modes, as Campbell said earlier, but it could be possible to keep pie menus by holding number keys, so you can jump directly into the wanted sub-mode, without having to go to the mode before. (don’t know if that makes sense ?)

  1. Transform panel in N-View properties refers to selection properties. It changes according to what is selected.
    In edit mode, it does not show same information than transform panel in Object tab of Properties editor. The reduncancy only exist while you are in object mode without a properties editor with a context pinned to an object that is not active object.

2-3 It is true that sliders or buttons for rig could become manipulators. Background Image panel is already gone (replaced by Empties Image). Only render and some overlays has moved to 3DView header. But we need still to find a place for View panel (that contains clipping, locking of view, etc…), 3DCursor panel (contains precise coordonates of 3D Cursor), Vertex Weights panel, Mesh Display panel (contains measure), Mesh Analysis panel (checks for 3Dprinting)…

So, it is not because there is one panel that looks the same in both places that you can neglect all the others and suppress its entire content like that. You will need to create something like 4 or 5 new pop-overs or tabs in pop-overs to maintain same settings.

Same misconception.
You can not sum-up Properties Editor to modifiers tab. There are not just displaying info about active object.
They can display info about pinned context. You can have several Properties Editor referring to different objects.
It is useful when playing with physics. One properties editor can show Force Field properties while another way can display Particles settings. Or one editor for Rigid Body World settings and another one for Rigid Bodies settings. So you don’t need to change selection to modify constraint of such objects. Of course, it would not be necessary if the whole scene physics will become a nodetree.
But it is not the case. Developer of animation nodes is not yet in Amsterdam.
Anyways, you a need a place for Render Engine settings (like per objects Cycles settings, Motion Blur, Ray visibility).
N-column in 3DView will be completely cluttered if it should handle 30 panels of those 4 tabs without handing tabs. I always missed tabs in this region in 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7x. I hope there will be some. I think it is inevitable.
Yes. Some panels of these 3 tabs could migrate to 3D View. Most of them if we make them context sensitive to mode and move there visbility properties to outliner (vertex group panel for example). But we will need to keep a minimal reference to active object in Properties editor. And Contraints or Modifiers that are not mode-sentive things could not migrate.

Something like that?

1 > Object/edit
2 > sculpt
3 > Painting
4 > Weight
5 > etc

Shift + 1 > vertex
Shift + 2 > edges
Shift + 3 > Faces

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What about sculpt brushes short cuts

That’s not what I meant but it couls be good actually. No what I meant is for example :

1 > Object/edit
2 > sculpt
3 > Painting
4 > Weight
5 > etc

A single pie menu key (~ tilde for example) to switch between current mode’s sub-modes

Holding the numbers won’t be used, so it could be possible to have on top of the other single pie menu key
Holding 1 > Object/edit Sub-Modes pie menu
Holding 2 > sculpt Sub-Modes pie menu
Holding 3 > Painting Sub-Modes pie menu
Holding 4 > Weight Sub-Modes pie menu
Holding 5 > etc Sub-Modes pie menu

So, for example you can jump from one of the painting sub-modes to edit edges mode, without having to get to edit mode first, then change to edge mode.

(And another thing, could it be possible to activate proportional editing while the tool is used ? could be handy)

Also Blender has for some people a mess UI…They are opinions … I used Autocad for a lifetime, and also it has a customizable infinite combinations , never used UI and icon, but I seem to speak in the void … Oh well , you do what you want and I adapt as I did in these 19 years.

it is not logical, the vertex ribs and faces are used more often than other modes. Then it’s better

1 - vetex
2 - edge
3 - face
4 - obj \ edit
sulpt - shift + 1


There is not enough numbers to support what you are proposing here :confused:

Yep, not enough keys, that’s why shift ctrl and alt can be useful.

Guys. Hot keys are needed for the most frequently used commands.
Where do you switch more often? Between vertexes edges and polygons?
or between the editing and paint mode?
Why vertexes, edges and polygons again are in the menu or have complex hotkeys?
sorry for my english


that’s enough!
I generally do not see the point of hanging the fashion for hot keys when there is a radial menu. Enough only vertx, edge, face and obj \ edit

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Currently, they are gone in all paint/sculpt modes of new keymaps.
Yes. 1,2,3,…etc it is useful to browse brushes.
Spring artists will probably define new shortcuts for that.