Blender 2.8 - Eevee Adaptive Subdivision?

Can Blender 2.8 Eevee do adaptive subdivision in near future?


work is being done by sergey to use opensubdiv for 2.8 so its possible. it will still need someone to write it though.

i’m pretty sure the work he’s done to fix the multires modifier to use opensubdiv means it’s more possible than ever but things in blender often seem close but take years to actually arrive in trunk.

i dont see it on any roadmap and the priority will be getting a stable 2.8 release but sometimes we get pleasant surprises out of nowhere.

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Blender 2.8:Properties:Scene ( Render Engine:Eevee ):Subdivision now has options for ‘Dicing Rate Render’ ( Release 1st march 2019 ) which suggests doing adaptive subdivision. Need to play more. It has a ‘Dicing Camera’ option not sure if this follows viewpoint/camera view by default.

No, those settings are Cycles settings only available when experimental UI is enabled.
The fact that EEVEE UI may display Subdivision panel when switching from one render engine to the other is a lack of restriction in python script about Render tab.

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Sooo is there any official progress going on with this? I was just in a case where I needed to use displacement with eevee, I was trying to use the displacement modifier but it doesn’t have any option on scale, In the shader made I used an image texture with the Mapping node and needed to tweak the scale to fit the texture right, The displacement modifier works but it’s essentially pointless because i can’t change the scale to match the texture…

Major new features are very unlikely to make it into 2.8 beyond last week’s homestretch meeting, as the focus now is to polish and stabilize what is already there.

I do not know Clement’s roadmap for Eevee, but I know that realtime tessellation shading is a thing and wouldn’t be completely unrealistic.


I think that for Eevee, a form of Parallax Occlusion would be a better solution, since the whole point of Eevee is to have it render in the viewport.

I don’t really think that’s “the whole point of eevee”. Besides, having both would be good, as tessellation isn’t always “enough” i think.

Would be awesome if we could use the shader Output to create the texture for the displacement modifire.

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