Blender 2.8 Hardsurface Addon Fast-Carve

Hello guys, I updated my free Hardsurface Addon Fast Carve to Blender 2.8. I give a short pverview in this video and also show the Python API changes that I had to use to migrate.

Here is the latest image and for an update to version 0.7.8

Now direct bool operations are supported with different shapes.


Isn’t it a bit too soon to do this? They will probably make more changes before 2.8 becomes stable.

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I will do a refactoring to centralize the things that could change so it will be quite easy to adjust.

Hi jayanam,

great that you have adapt Fast Carve for Blender 2.8.

One little request.
Please change the shortcut (Q), you overwrite the Quick Favorites with it.
Maybe with Shift+Q.

Temporary Solution:
Line 61
kmi_mnu =“wm.call_menu”, “Q”, “PRESS”, shift=True)

Thx, and yes, that’s a good temporary solution, will add it.

Thx you m8


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Wow, that was fast.

Many thanks jayanam!

thank this is very good.

Hi. How can I do to have a 3d object without triangular faces as they appear in the video. When I apply the boolean appear several triangular faces. In 2.8 can not modify carve / bmesh mode?

Fantastic man, don’t stop !

Hey just wanted to say again that your addon is amazing! And addition of arrays for me is really exciting. Was wandering tho is there a way to prevent fast carve moving carve objects pivot to origin and resetting its orientation? My workflow atm is drawing objects on surfaces with QBlocker and then quickly moving it with transform tool it would be great if I could move created objects on their local axis.

I converted an extruded spline to a mesh.
Unfortunately Difference and Slice just don’t work.
The object simply disappears.
Anybody got a hint?
no-boolean.blend (981.6 KB)

Did you try to apply the size before executing the boolean?

Hi jayanam,
many thanks for your answer.
Yes, I have apply the size before boolean.

Did you test the no-boolean.blend?
What’s happening to you?

The mesh contains about 1100 doubles. Go to edit mode for the spline object, select all, remove doubles. Then do the difference again -> works

Great, thank you so much for your help jayanam.

Hey there, and thanks for developing this. I took a test drive of your addon, and it seems that it conflicts in a weird way with @masterxeon1001 and @proxe 's HardOps. Namely, your key is mapped to Q as well as his, but when I change your key to something else, I in fact change the HardOps key, and yours remains on Q!?
Can you see if there’s anything you can do?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Did you install the latest version. The key I use for opening the menu is Shift + Q.

Hey, sorry I wasn’t being very precise. Hops uses both Q and a Shift+Q keys. I’d rather not change that, as I got used to the finger movement.

But I want to try and use your addon as well, but changing the keys somehow changes the keys from hops. Perhaps these two are not compatible as they kinda target the same operations?

Thanks for the quick answer btw, I really appreciate it.

EDIT: Yeah, I’ve got the latest version.