Blender 2.8 How can i make still render of particles when frame <> 1


(koto-feja) #1

Help me please, what i do wrong? I want to render scene (still image) with particles at state in frame 56. On preview all is good, but final render have problem.

Update, added scene file, help pls. retro scifi background 01.blend (4.8 MB)

(cdog) #2

What renderer are you using? Cycles can’t render particles directly. You need yo use some geometry which is distributed by the particle system. Eevee also cannot display all types of particles.

(koto-feja) #3

I’m using eevee (cycles have problem too). Render as == object;
In view port i see particles, but if i render image (F12), i don’t see it.

(koto-feja) #4

i have add scene file in first post. Help please.

(cdog) #5

OK. So I got it working. Try to bake both partile systems and render. There might be a bug in the new depsgraph though which is worth reporting, so that devs can fix it. In 2.79 rendering particles in cycles works without baking them.

(koto-feja) #6

Thanks for help! Baking have not help me, but creating new particles in scene helps.
Now it work. Thank u very much. Sorry for my english ))