Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection

Is anyone else having the issue where edge loop select isn’t working with LMB?

Edge loop is supposed to be double left click, now with LMB.

I made a pull and it looks like everything works and is discoverable, now.
Only remaining problem is that works when you use a gizmo. And only some active tools have a gizmo.

That’s going to take some getting used to.

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Well, I investigate my CAD software and it seems that it works the way I described (even with very dense “scenes”) but in a slightly more complex way than my request reads.
It goes like that:

  1. LMB click, hold’n’drag = new Box Select
  2. LMB click, hold’n’drag + a modifier key (Ctrl/Shift) = Box Select that adds to / substracts from the selection
  3. LMB click within an object shilouette (Object mode) or a vertex/face/edge hotspot (Edit mode) + a modifier key (Ctrl/Shift) = adds to / substracts from the selection
  4. LMB click, hold’n’drag within an already selected object shilouette (Object mode) or a selected vertex/face/edge hotspot (Edit mode) = grab’n’drag
  5. simple LMB click and release outside the selection = remove all selection
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Yes, I guess this would be doable in 2.8. Even with the select tool not active, ctrl and shift + LMB could perform additive or subtractive box select. That’s how it works in my custom keymap :slight_smile:

I’m like a broken record, but I feel like my setup addresses a lot of these things in a more “standardized” way.

Works with builds older than 2 days, this is latest build i tried it worked on: blender-2.80.0-git.c94f806dc73-windows64. I’m providing that build, download here:

My 2.7x setup is pretty well documented. The start of this 2.8 that I shared is based on the same principles.

Custom inputs have been breaking as of lately due to recent changes, so I will have to rebuild this soon once things stabilize.


Active Tools with left click is fine for me.
Context Menu with right click is fine as well.

But the need to go between selection, tool, selection, tool, is very wrong. It makes modeling really slow.

Couldn’t we have a first left click to select a component, then another one to activate the tool?


I just tested, God I hate 2.8 my workflow is completely and utterly fucked at this moment.


I just found out you have to press Alt+LMB to select a component while using extrude, bevel, inset, etc.

I’d go with something like single click to select, click and drag to activate the tool. It would be more intuitive.

In object mode works as expected, a single click selects the object and click and drag activates the tool (grab, rotate or scale.) It should work exactly the same in edit mode.

To those reporting usability issues introduced when switching to a left-click workflow, keep in mind that the initial commit was only the start and Brecht is still working things out.



"For that reason the LMB keymap now has a couple of differences
compared to before. These changes do not affect the RMB keymap.

  • Context Menu: W -> RMB"

But what is the problem with W and LMB? Can anybody explain to me please? I am a LMB user, and I did not notice problems with W or B keys.

They could just turn the left click select mode into the full industry standard keymap. Haha. :v:

i think they are following this guideline where they compare other apps common hotkeys…i too would prefer 3d cursor to remain on RMB and W on special but they are adapting “the industry standard” in this one.


I use the options in the context menu far more often than I set the cursor position by clicking so I’m in very much in favor of context being on RMB.


sure, each has his own preference and how he likes to work , what i found out is if you use RMB as the context special you won’t be able to move 3D cursor freely u’ll have to switch tool or use shift which is point and click … and the list gets bigger with multi-componet on in edit mode so snapping and pivot point won’t be fast so it’s a compromise

I am happy to see this being worked on. Since I use a tablet I have LMB to select enabled by default.

The very first thing I noticed is that, when editing a mesh, I can no longer tweak vertices, edges or faces. I have to select them first, then press G to move.

To me this is not a desired workflow, it feels like a step back. 2.79 with LMB for select does not work this way either.

Please don’t implement this as being “industry standard”. Here is what Modo allows you to do:

Its essentially how LMB to select worked by default under 2.79

I love the work being done on 2.8 but please don’t slaughter LMB select like this. I would be very sad if it stays this way. Please reconsider. :slight_smile:


We could support this either by have a separate Tweak tool, as your video demonstrates, or by adding a Tweak setting to the Move tool for this behaviour.

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I am not against a tool or mode for tweaking. As you point out, that is how Modo does it, what Maya has, what Wings3D has, and so on. A key to toggle than mode on and off whilst I pan, zoom, and rotate around the model would be perfect.


Make that a button too. :v:

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The big issue with a tweak tool as “solution” is that you are forgetting this is a general approach to LMB. Not just something that is an issue when editing a mesh.

Open the dopesheet editor. I can no longer just clickdrag keys around.

Open the graph editor, I can no longer clickdrag keys to change timing (x) or value (y).

In fact I cant tweak the handles until I have selected them! So I have to click on a key, then click on the handle and only then can I, on the third click actually move that handle.

I am certain I can come up with an absolute ton of examples. Its a shockingly poor workflow.

I understand its all work in progress, the process is iterative and the developers are smart people. But I have to be honest, that behavior such as this is even considered an option terrifies me as a LMB user.

Please do not make LMB select worse than it was under 2.79. With the current approach that is actually what we are heading towards right now.

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