Blender 2.8; Isolate model (`/`-numpad key) without moving the camera

Been trying Blender for the first time since yesterday, googled a couple stuff and brushed up on interface (despite bit sparse docs).

I was wondering if there’s anyway to bring up isolate view without blender moving your camera around (e.g. closer to the model)? I just want it to stay still and to only hide every other model temporarily.

Trying to learn sculpting and using the mode to quickly hide the eyeball while sculpting the eyelids. The changing camera is very annoying.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no way around this, (does the same in 2.79 as well btw). I agree, at times, it can be infuriating when the local view alters from the view you have. It would at least be nice to have it on a toggle.
I get why they zoom in, it’s an assumtption you’ll want a closeup of the item selected, but again, a toggle for this behaviour would be nice.

Uncheck this checkbox.


Arrghh, never even noticed it! :crazy_face:

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Ah thank you very much!

Edit: Apparently my version of 2.8 is slightly too old for that (2019-02-04). I’ll install the newest one now.