Blender 2.8 parenting to bones, help!

so, all im trying to do is parent to bones and so far, its making me not want to even touch blender 2.8 ever again.

So, i’m just trying to parent bones to a hand, and when I parent it sends the object across the damn world, what am I doing wrong? its really pissing me off and i’m a hair away from dumping 2.8 and never coming back to it, why in hell did they change how bones work?! its god awful!!!

It seems to be an update bug. After moving the bone, the object returns to its right position.
As a friendly reminder, Blender 2.8 is in beta stage… Best thing to do is to report the bug if it’s not already reported.

nope, it stays where you see it and that’s why i’m getting so mad over this.

Seems to work here. Make sure to download and use the latest Blender 2.8 beta and to report the bug, it’s the only way to make sure it will be fixed. To develop 2.8, there have been many changes in the core of Blender so some things may be broken.

@lucky If this is the same problem I have been experiencing when parenting stuff around and to bones, try and enable/disable (do it and back) the keep transform option in the operator menu (bottom left corner popup thingy).

This is definetely something that will be fixed, if it’s not already :slight_smile:

If it’s stressing you out this much maybe you should I don’t know USE THE STABLE RELEASE 2.79b. On the download page there is warning that 2.8 is unstable, might mess up your file and to use it at your own risk.

The purpose of the beta release at this moment is for people to familiarize themselves with the changes been made, play around with it, find bugs and report them so the can get fixed. If you are using 2.8 to do any serious work then you possibly in for a world of pain depending on your luck.

I noticed the same thing. First i thought this is caused due to different pivot locations, but thats not the case. This was driving me nuts. I ended up using ChildOf Constraints with “Set Inverse” activated.

I don’t think it’s a bug, when you parent the child to it’s parent, in the drop down list click ,object keep transform.

just use parente option at “object menu” ( “cube icon” right menu ). hope it helps all ya

Also happened to me! Spent hours trying to fix it and realising that it’s a bug

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Solution for me is to either move the bone after parenting RELATIVE! or click on the bone