Blender 2.8 Question

Not sure if this is right place, but, normally, in blender you can turn on/off display or render of object in outliner. Has this changed for 2.8 or is it just not in, yet. It would seem to be the simplest of tools to put in, but maybe I am missing something here. Thanks

I am going to bump this by asking another question. Blender 2.8 has these constructs called Collections, which do seem to have view and render toggles that used to be on individual elements ie model, rig, hair, etc. Are we now supposed to split up elements of a character into collections ie model, rig, hair etc so that we can now turn on/off display, renderbility, etc…

As you have noticed already layer system the old 2.7 is changed and replaced by the collections and the visibility is controlled by the check box and the arrow for the selection. And all this is under development as i m writing, check the process
Here is a post dev in artists POV