Blender 2.8 reference manual as a PDF/EPUB

I understand your desire for a nice iBooks-like app that feels like a single item you can just click, but wondered whether it is possible to package this up as something that puts the html files somewhere on the ipad and a command that opens your browser pointing at the index page? But I guess you would rather just have one big file, like a PDF.

Now that you mention it, it is indeed a bit pointless to just make the html files locally because you can download the zip of them.

When I did the “make pdf”, it did not make a pdf file, as you noted. After you make it, I think it printed instructions to change into the build/latex folder and run make there, which runs latexmk to make the pdf. You have to have installed latex. I did this on MacOS and Linux and neither worked for me (as I reported above). On MacOS there was a problem finding a font. On Linux, it printed some weird conversion errors. With enough energy I could track down and fix these problems on my machines, but I don’t have the energy to do that right now.

Hey it was worth a try - I figured the ‘build’ aspect would be building one file . Although once I saw it referencing index.html then I figured its still going to be just wanting all the html bundled together.

I had a statement printed towards the end of building, something like latexmk doesn’t have the make command I think. So presumably at that point it was expecting Latex/lAtEx to be installed. At this point though… I wouldn’t really know what I’m downloading. Or doing for that matter.

Hi, I was searching for a pdf of the blender 2.9 manual and that search led me to this conversation, and to the “make pdf” approach. It took a little bit of hacking but I was able to create a pdf of Blender 2.92 user manual. As a thank you I’ve uploaded the resultant pdf’s to the following URL:

The total manual was 157MB, so I broke it up into 6 pieces to make downloads easier. The splits are roughly on section breaks:

p1-p562 [Blender3dManualR2_92_P1_P562.pdf]
+ s2.1 Getting Started
+ s2.2 User Interface
+ s2.3 Editors

p563-p1128 [Blender3dManualR2_92_P563_P1128.pdf]
+ s2.4 Scenes & Objects
+ s2.5 Modelling

p1129-p1212 [Blender3dManualR2_92_P1129_P1212.pdf]
+ s2.6 Sculpting & Painting

p1213-p1493 [Blender3dManualR2_92_P1213_P1493.pdf]
+ s2.7 Grease Pencil
+ s2.8 Animation & Rigging

p1494-p1939 [Blender3dManualR2_92_P1494_P1939.pdf]
+ s2.9 Physics
+ s2.10 Rendering
+ s2.11 Tracking & Masking
+ s2.12 Files & Data System

p1940-p2750 [Blender3dManualR2_92_P1940_P2750.pdf]
+ s2.13 Add-ons
+ s2.14 Advanced
+ s2.15 Troubleshooting
+ s2.16 Glossary
+ s3.1 Contribute Documentation

I still got a few error messages from the latex to pdf conversion, but I think everything is there and the formatting turned out quite well. Except for the contents section, the latex module (or whatever its called) wasn’t compatible with the version of linux I was running.

I don’t believe I’m violating any copyright or distribution restrictions by posting this, the CC BY-SA 4.0 Intl referenced on the Blender document pages says “you are free to: share - copy and distribute the material in an medium or format”, however if I am violating anything let me know and I’ll remove the files from my webserver ASAP.

Its great having a printed copy on my desk while trying to learn how to use the tool (I’m a complete beginner coming from a completely different day job). So, thanks again for the pointer to the “make pdf” option.



You are a hero.

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot error messages from latexmk for the last hour.

Thank you SO MUCH !

Well I’ll be damned Look at that. So all those headers and footers etc were auto generated from the program you installed and ran? How long was that process?


Wow, what an effort… all the best to you!