Blender 2.8 reference manual as a PDF/EPUB

Does anybody know how I can get the Blender 2.8 reference manual as a PDF? Or as EPUB? Basically, for offline viewing on an ipad.

Not sure about a PDF or EPUB… But you can download the html files, I assume that will still work on an Ipad.

Hi Avery, I’m not sure how I could do this offline though. I downloaded the 250mb worth of files to access by html, but notsure how i would store or access this locally on an iPad.

As you can maybe guess, I’m not an expert in the HTML language…

That’s the thing though, you don’t need to know html language in order to read through the files. On a pc, I can just open up the html files, and it’ll open up in my browser. And I can move through the files like I was on online. I don’t have an ipad, so I don’t if it would work their.

Perhaps their is a quick way to export the html files to a pdf? I’ll take a look.

Yeah it’s easy to use the html files on the PC. I can’t find a PDF export. Sounds like it’s only an issue to me.

Yeah, sorry, I tried to see if I could convert the manual myself, but it’s just too big of a file to do that. Perhaps you could request whoever is in charge of the Blender manual for a another export type? Not sure where you would go to do that, OR who you’d be asking but just a thought.

I’m sure their are others who’d like other file options.

I’m in the process of doing this right now - becomes a 110Meg PDF, and currently just needs some tidying up and a bit more organising.

Personally, a huge mass of HTML docs doesn’t do it for me, if I want to zip around in the manual of some new software package, to get a feeling of what’s in it - a good PDF viewer makes light work of following a train of thought, I find. Which is why I did it - I noted there are a couple of earlier attempts around, but they are too old, or lacking.

Any interest in this? Depending upon how fussy people are, I could put more time into getting rid of any loose ends …


Hey fas42,

Yeah I’d be interested. Is it going to be an interactve PDF then? (so the links work ismilar to bookmarks).

Are there no official people from Blender looking to do this?