Blender 2.8 - Robot animation test

(Koumis) #1

Blender 2.8 - Robot animation test.

(SinjnCortes) #2

I used this same robot for my first animation and it seems to be a popular model in the cg community. Well done, the textures look wonderful and the camera work is fun and playful which fits the mood. My suggestion would be to smooth out some of the running animation. Each part of the step seems to come in a perfect rhythm and the body doesn’t feel like it has weight to it which gives the run an unnatural feel. My suggestion would be to move the passing portion of the stride 1 or 2 frames over in the time line and give the contact (although he will be in the air) another frame. This will break up the evenness of the jog. Once finished with that, I would scale the entire run cycle to make the robot run faster. He bounces very quickly jumping off his pad and then runs very slowly comparatively. I think that’ll bring the animation to a much nicer position. Otherwise, fantastic work. Keep it up.

(yogyog) #3

Very nice- good at conveying an emotion in a character with no facial expression…

It’s a shame about a lack of motion-blur on the light in the infinity sign at the beginning, but maybe you can fake it with 4-ish lights each a tenth of a screen behind the last one.