Blender 2.8 screencast video recording

Hello blenderers,
They removed the screencast recording video from Blender 2.8, it is a great feature that eases making tutorials and recording the viewport, there was no need for a third party software to record the video, now it is gone, how can we ask to make it back?

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You can make a proposal on right-click select.

They removed it because third party software that are doing this better than blender exist.
So, why should devs waste their energy in this while there are so much features related to 3D, 2D animation waiting.
Blender Internal was removed. Blender Game Engine was removed.
Screencast removal is a less problematic one.


I’m just trying out bandicam and it is not as good as the blender one, the file size is much bigger on the similar presets and it is choppy, the blender one was smoother recording. Which capture screen do you suggests?

OBS Studio

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It is good but It is still not very smooth, and the file size is big, the blender one was the best. At least it doesn’t have watermark, thanks anyway.

I get good results with Kap, but i think its mac only. You don’t say what operating system you are on.


I’m on windows, it doesn’t work.

You can use OBS or StreamLabs. I use StreamLabs cuz it makes it easier to set up streaming too.

You have to mess around with the settings to get the best results. They won’t necessarily work well straight out of the box.

Here’s an example of a video I recorded:

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