Blender 2.8 - Texture broken in Material View only

Hello all,

All my textures are becoming “broken” in the “material view” even if they still render well in the viewport on existing linked objects and are in the blender file. See example on the Matt paint brown texture here.

I cannot add them anymore to new object which is very annoying. They don’t appear as present in the drop down list.

Any help on this ?


@Antonioya should probably fix this.

You are assigning a material specific to Grease Pencil objects to a Mesh.

It looks like all materials named “Matt paint something” are grease pencil materials.
Don’t use one of them at all for your meshes objects.
Consider them as forbidden.

Actually they were not Grese Pencil materials, they have been transformed like that automatically and I cannot use them anymore… Any idea how I can revert to the initial type meaning a mesh texture ?

It makes no sense to use 3 times same material into 3 different slots of material list of same object.
So, materials that were into those slots have been replaced by this Matt paint brown brush.

I don’t how it happens. If it is a wrong manipulation or a bug.
But there is no chance that this material was the one intended to be used.

You have to reassign correct material for each slot and probably associated correct texture will reappear.

It seems to be a known issue, I hope it will be corrected in the next build

Actually it is very strange, in the API Data view, the materials have still the right node info with the rights shaders but the checkbox isPencil is checked. does anyone know why it has been automatically checked and how to uncheck it ?