Blender 2.8 Transparent Shadow Baking

Hello all! First i’d like to apologise if this isn’t the place to be asking for some help, however I seem to be having some really annoying issues with Blender 2.8. In 2.79 (in Blender Render) it was possible to create an object, place a plane underneath it. Create a Shader and Texture for that plane selecting “shadows only” and with a ray trace lamp, bake just the shadow onto a transparent image.
However not in Blender 2.8. On not a single forum or anything can i find something to help me understand how this is even remotely possible. I am literally pulling my hair out with this. I have messed around in Blender 2.8 so much trying to figure this out with no success, that i am finally coming to BlenderArtist to ask for some much needed advice.

Hoping someone can help me out there. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dezzee_Rascal,

As transparency is really just a Greyscale ( black to white) you can bake these out then use them in whatever material you like, including as the ‘mask’ for a transparent shader:


thank you!!!