Blender 2.8 > Unreal Engine - Problems matching IK animation


I’m struggling with some weird issue. I have a rigged character with FK/IK options in Blender which can be imported into Unreal Engine.

The thing is, when I export animations made with this rig (fbx with bake option checked or frame baking before export) and import them to my skeleton asset inside Unreal, it seems like the chains affected by the IK constraints (the legs) are not correctly baked and so the feet have a very sutile wiggling that wasnt supose to be there.

If I reimport this fbx into Blender I experience the same issue. But In the original animation scene the legs are well plantted in the ground.

I wonder if anyone here could give me some advice about this problem or if anyone had deal with this before

Unfortunately I cannot show much either from project or the blender scene but here is a gif showing wiggling.

unreal gif

Have a nice day.

I have the same issue, when I export “Run/Walk/Jump” Animations the effect is a bit subtle, but with “Idle” animations the wiggle becomes noticeable and quite annoying for someone with “OCD”, I have tried everything to fix it but still no result.
From Blender side I tried:

  • “Dis-Connecting” every bone from it’s parent.
  • Create a root bone.
  • Change the IK system, by putting the constraint in the “lowerArm/Calf” bone instead of “Hand/Foot” bone.
  • Renaming the Armature Object to “root”.
  • Export asset with/without “Leaf bones”.
  • Export asset as “FBXNode Type” Null or Root.

From Unreal Side, I tried everything ticking and unticking any option.
Still problem persists, if anyone finds a solution please share it, this post is in 2020, I have the issue now in 2022.
Thank you good day.

Hey pal.

I solved my issue tunning the value of the setting “Simplify” in the FBX export dialog:

The default value of 1 was causing trouble to me with subbtle movements. Try something around 0.1.

Hope it helps you.

Thank you so much, it works fine and because I have OCD, I simply decided to set it to 0.
I would say that this is the solution to this problem. Could also be disabled works really well but I think if you have an asset with a lot of animations it would make it’s size significant.