Blender 2.8 Viewport Performance

(Jeannot) #252

It definitely is choppy. I cannot have my Crow run at realtime and its only 30k polys (even with the particles feather object) in the viewport and its like 6 fps and its not 100% realtime. Its chuggy. But I still like it, I like the what I see is what I get type of workflow which is super fast compared to test render region, tweak, re render region, tweak, etc…

Eventually I know it’ll be smooth as butter but in the meantime, keep in mind that it is still under heavy development. It is still awesome!

(staughost) #253

Tried 2.8 in production for retopology. It… is… baaaaaad. You can’t do reotpo on a mesh with 300k polygons. I really hope there will be serious updates on the vertex manipulations speed side. Not being able to move 100000 is relay disheartening.


Yea I assume the issue is because when moving selected mesh, its calculating changes for the entire 2 Mil poly mesh instead of just the small selection area.

(Ace Dragon) #255

Last I read, the devs. on the developer site are aware of editmode/deformation performance problems and why it is slow is largely known (for instance, editmode performance issues can be chalked up to tons of redundant conversions of the geometry from derived-mesh to mesh).

OpenSubDiv performance will be improved too, there is code for a topology cache that is not in yet (but Sergey right now is busy fixing bugs preventing the progress of the new open movie).

(staughost) #256

Yay! I hope we will have fixes soon. It’s relay fun to work in blender 2.8 but performance issues make it impossible to fully implement in pipeline at the time.

(Thornydre) #257

About that : Subdiv: Enable topology cache for animation

(noki paike) #258

wow, does this patch speed up even during modeling?

(Thinking Polygons) #259

Nope… :wink:

(noki paike) #260

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(drgci) #261

so i assume its speed up the animation right?
which is good for me as animator

(oaschwab) #262

I think it’s for playback only. Not deformations or changes in poses.

(desotobend) #263

I"ve not seen discussed yet what I’m seeing but I imagine its very similar
I do not have a ‘high’ end machine , but it does everything I need and then some pretty easily.
I5-3570 8gb GTX 950 2gb windows 10 pro , just for FYI maybe helpful, prob. not.

Anyway my current project starting elsewhere, is 2mil tris, opened in blender and a .blend created later for faster loading.

I don’t expect miracles with my current rig though other 3d apps manage just fine Houdini handles it the best so far while maya does too ( not as good once i’m IN edit mode though but going TO edit mode in maya is instant ).

I’m posting not because I don’t know the status of 2.8, to let someone know about my issue that I’ve yet to see mentioned: Mesh loads, I hit TAB for edit mode, it takes 15 sec or so just to get into edit mode.

Is anyone else seeing that ?
Editing isn’t horrible really, I could deal with it, for me its the unacceptable wait time just getting there.

I’ve tried flat mode ( can’t even see mesh so I had to try another one) , backface jumbles visuals to much and the mesh is far too complex to select areas to hide. Not possible.

Is my issue of going into edit mode via TAB, very slowly a known issue with current 2.8beta ?

I don’t mind waiting I get it, just wanted to make sure my issue is known and I don’t need to do a bug report.

TY :slight_smile:

(Hadriscus) #264

This is well known, and has always been problematic. We’re all eargerly waiting for an optimization !

(noki paike) #265

this is all polish work that will be done …
the devs already know, and they will devote themselves to it as soon as the debugging and the work on an interface that is as coherent as possible will have reached a good maturity

(Hadriscus) #266

Don’t mean no nitpick, but I’m not sure this issue is so superficial… I mean, it looks like it might actually have rather deep roots, don’t you think ?

(noki paike) #267

I know what you mean …
but I also understand the reasoning to give priority to the completion of the concepts such as setting the yield of the surfaces, the wireframe, the stability on the widest possible range of gpu, other conceptualities that are work in progress … reasoning in this sense, if they do not reach a good degree of stability, and of definitive functional yield, anything that can be done on the performance, would risk to be a wasted job … …
Does this make sense:
2.80 … freeing from crashes, definitive gui, final visual rendering.
2.81 … polishing and performance optimization.

(Hadriscus) #268

Sure, those are design tasks ie open questions - edit mode performance on the other hand is just something that needs improvement.

(SidV) #269

Did anyone else experienced massive performance issues with armatures?

I have a rigged character (about 10k polys). The rig runs pretty fast (considering the features) and runs around 23-25 fps when i add just one subdivision to it, the framerate drops down to 0.2 to 3 fps. And this with fresh scene with no keyframes at all. Since it all worked well with the old subd. surface, i wihed they hadnt removed it. This makes any animation job a nightmare…

(oaschwab) #270

Yes. Right now opensubdiv is a real pig.

(drgci) #271

Do you use the latest blender 2.8 build because they have speed up the subdivision surface animation speed up up to 3 times faster