Blender Edit Mode Performance

Actually, editing heavy models (100 000 polys ) is slower in 2.80 than in 2.79, is it possible to add a kind of ‘fast interaction mode’ like in maya that disable automatically and temporarily the overlay drawing while i move, rotete… polys ?


There were no serious optimizations works yet, so we need to wait. What kind of computer do you have? I have loaded a scene with 5 mln verts in 2.79 and 2.8 and in 2.8 everything is buttery smooth for me.

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Win 7. Intel core 7 + geforce gtx 770

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Not that bad then. So probably it’s just lack of optimization in Blender 2.8. We just need to wait. :slight_smile:

I have a very high hope, that all these shader effects, cavity or what not, can be baked down as textures.

Actually, here is the logic of how it can be done:

  1. Unwrap the model in 3D space based on UV.

  2. Render it in the viewport but feeding the vertex/face normal informations from the 3D mesh.

  3. Some how paddings are added and empty spaces are filled with whatever background color.

Not sure how this can be coded at all.

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Shall I move the conversation about performance to a new topic?

Remember the original purpose:

I’m gonna start this thread as a place to hold interesting updates or experiments with the new viewport features.


yes please!!

Done. Seems like a useful conversation to continue :+1:


Whan Maya moved from the old viewport 1.0 to the viewport 2.0, which is faster, they sacrified the Z precision of the viewport. And it’s actually hard to tell if 2 surfaces are close to each other or if they intersect.
It’s not the way to go. At all. And it’s one of the reasons why i don’t use maya anymore

Although I haven’t tried AO or the new cavity shader in workbench, I sincerely hope that they will be faster and cleaner than the 2.79 AO, which has a tendency to make the viewport lag on my machine when the viewport window is reasonable large. Eevee seemed to run a little nicer, so maybe the AO implementation is different to 2.79, but I just hope that performance of the most useful overlays for modelling and sculpting, such as AO and cavity will be focussed on in the optimisation pass so that they are highly performant with decent quality.

Also, does anyone know if we got viewport resolution scaling? I seem to recall it being added by Lukas some time ago, but I’m not sure if this ended up in master, or if it’s in 2.8. That’s something that will really help those with 4k monitors, and even my 2560x1440 screen could use scaling sometimes.

Have you tried selecting some components in Edit Mode?


It’s a cube subdivided 7 times, 98.304 polygons


While 2.8 is faster when you are moving around your mesh, even on Edit Mode, 2.79 it’s clearly faster when you are actually working on your mesh.


I start seeing performance degradation after 100k in one mesh. Till 100k for me is quiet smooth, but yes, 2.79 behave better it that matter. Well, we need to wait until some performance works are done. :slight_smile:


In this case, we can’t suggest anything, really :smiley:

Yup, we can’t. :slight_smile:

Yikes this scares me - I am hoped 2.8 will surpass 2.79 viewport speed performance.

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When you see the few amount of performance optimisation that has been done for the viewport at the moment, and it’s already faster than 2.79 in some cases, I think it will, hopefully :slight_smile:

What do you use viewport AO for that a slowdown bothers you? Personally I have allways only used it for quickly rendering somewhat nicer looking previews for customers. For doing the work itself, be it modelling, animating or shading I don´t see any advantages in turn viewport AO on.

scares me to. try to select loopcuts in 2.8 with meshes bigger 100k. Its much slower than in 279 atm. When trying edit the wanderer demo file, select loopcuts of the body take several seconds. Not useable atm. I really pray that at least its gets the same speed while meshediting like in 279…
Objektmode looks faster in a lot scenarios to me in 2.8…

It is at least 4 months until Blender 2.8 is ready. :slight_smile: I’m sure there will be a lot of performance enhancements.

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Hahahaha, what the hell people?
Blender is in heart-surgery mode at the moment with all the copy-on-write/depsgraph/multi-object-editing changes. Of course it doesn’t run smoothly. Unlike with commercial software, with Blender you are able to actually test the software at a (pre) alpha stage.