Blender 2.8 Viewport Presets

Download a release from

Preset menu

Adds a presets menu to the 3D viewport header which allows you to save and recall various combinations of viewport display settings.

Hit the + button to save the current viewport settings as a preset.

Change the name of the currently selected preset using the text box.

Update or delete the current preset.

Presets are saved is user preferences, so be sure to press the ‘Save Preferences’ button.


This is fantastic and very much needed, thank You :slight_smile:


You are awesome!

The good thing. Thank for sharing

Hi, I am Using 2.9 Official release and This addon doesnt seem to add a new Preset multiple times means Once I open Blender i can add only one preset and save it. I f I add other one the Plus Icon only changes the curren tone. Please Fix u/Scaredyfish

Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\UsersBlender\2.93\scripts\addons\blender-viewport-presets\”, line 18, in execute
preset = prefs.presets[self.index]
IndexError: bpy_prop_collection[index]: index 1 out of range, size 1

location: :-1

Hi! Thanks for the addon! It helps me to separate the options for architecture and animation.

I thing that the rename section, buttons: delete and update, it should only appear only when a preset was need edited.

here I have a proposal of how the interface could be, trying to be clean, clear and without sudden changes in size or distribution of the information.

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Thanks for your suggestions. When I have some time I will take a proper look - the addon does need some love.

what is the most recent and complete addon of this kind? Pressetter professional also seems undeveloped for years now