Blender 2.8 viewport updates

would be awesome if we could have more effects for eevee lensflare, Vignette…

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This kind of way of solving things could lead to a crowded UI filled with unnecessary checkboxes.
I’d rather have a clean UI…
…good design takes time…

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any relevant news that I missed?

Clement has been doing some cleanup and fixes for EEVEE and drawing in general I think, I don’t really know what are the impacts of all these changes, but I guess it is only good things ! haha :smiley:

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For the viewport speed up we need to wait patches from Sergey


Now you can sculpt with Multiresolution modifier and changes will be correctly updated in Workbench and Eevee:

Of course, sculpting with simple materials is also possible with Eevee rendered view. It would be nice to be able to sculpt with Subsurface Translucency in real time which is not supported yet, for example details when you sculpt an ear.


Another big optimization for drawing is coming.

In other words, drawcall batching should see a major decrease in overhead for situations like heavily instanced objects.


cant wait to test performance differences once this change is implemented,
it seems very promising

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NO idea where ‘drawcalls’ impact performance per se, but am I /we likely to see getting into edit mode on 100K > objects faster now ? Everything else is OK ( still slow compared to houdini that I must use atm ), but rotation in viewport ( even edit mode) is SOLID which is appreciated mucho, seems atm its just going INTO edit mode which is the laggiest. Takes too long to get rid of large selected vertices etc, but I get that, no doubt speed ups are coming.THe worst is waiting to go into edit mode for me at least.

THx everyone!

MeshBatchCache: Speedup: Do not return valid batch if geometry is empty


my thin looks thicker than your thick, also tried changing line size to 1px in themes, but it doesn’t change, 1px and 2px are the same.

I didn’t use 2.8+ in my old laptop because it had a 720p screen but now in 1080p still looks horrible, is the new blender only for 4k screens???

No it’s totally fine on 720p or 1080p, why would it be only for 4k?

You should provide more information and screenshots to pin point problem

Here is an ss, 1080p screen, 0.98 screen scale

no difference between 2 or 1 px in themes, general thickness set as “thin”

Here are some bonus questions:
How can I put the axis indicator at bottom left?
How can I make units display as subunits (1cm instead of 0.01m), not the same as “separate units”
How can I make temporary windows (settings, render result, etc) NOT always on top, so if I click another part of blender it goes background but not closes nor minimise?
Any icons pack to use 2.79 much more comprehensive icons?
Is there a way to view statistics (vertex counts, object name, etc) in the unused space right of the tabs?
talking of tabs… any way to make it a select to use less space?
any way to make the 2 lines option links (edit/object mode, vertex, edge, face, pivot point, snap, etc) into one line?
how can I put an N panel into another tab, so I can see object and cursor position at the same time?

Under the separate units checkbox click on the length drop-down, where it says meters. Change that to CM.

thank you, but I don’t want to use a single unit, I want cm if it’s under a m and mm if it’s under a cm, or km if its more than 1000m, the natural way of measuring things (you don’t say 63360 inches, you use miles), as in 2.79.
I know is more technical to use a single unit, in which case I would use mm, but for non so technical items I like the natural way.

To all these questions, answer is No.
During transition to new design, developers had to make some choices to keep development under control and it was not possible to offer customization on everything.
Recurrent feedback like this one will help to determine future evolution of UI.
But for the moment, unless you have skills to rewrite Blender’s sources code, that is not possible for simple user to make such changes.

User has no control on placement of floating elements like axis/navigation gizmo, HDRI Preview, Text/Statistics, Adjust Last Operation panel.
Icons customization has been reduced to colors.
That way, ability to create derivative themes respecting color codes or monochromatic icons was not confusing learning of new icons. During transition, it was important that everybody had same reference.

Statistics can not be set next to tabs. Because there is no space for that, unless you only use very few workspaces.
You can display statistics directly in Viewport or in Status Bar, at the bottom.

Developers made tabs for workspace because that was a frequent request.
Now, it looks like old dropdown list will become as frequent.
New way has not been done to preserve old way. So, in future, they probably would have to think about a new system supporting both. But such thing could probably take a lot of time before becoming a reality.

In that case, choose Adaptive as length unit.

I am not sure if that responds your question. But, as in 2.79, there is a Keep User Interface option to avoid render temporary window to pop up, in Preferences > Interface > Editors > Temporary Editors.

By hiding Tool Settings Bar, custom orientation, pivot point and snap settings are transferred to Header.
So, just disable View > Tool Settings.

Like in 2.79, shift left click on header of panel you want to see visible in all tabs.

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Thank you very much good sir for your time on responding me in so much detail…

I practically don´t use workspaces, just sometimes to manage UVs, but usually I just slide a new panel to open an image editor and then collapse it. In any case I rather have them in a select than tabs.
Statistics in the status bar works too :slight_smile: thanks for the hint.


Uhm nop, I want to render in new window, but that window keeps in the way unless I minimise it.


didn’t know that, thank you again ^^

You comparing selected object outline which meant to be thicker with edit modewire frame…
Thru it does look like there is also problem with Outline Width because only difference i see is between 2 and 3 pixels

Scene>Units and select what ever you prefer

You mean like they were in 2.79?
Interface->Status Bar

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OK. I think I got it.
I am using linux. Under linux, you can manage which windows to keep on top through windows manager.
On windows, some users made addons.

Yes! thats the problem, only difference is in 2px+, I want 1px
Here is an example:
2.79 Nice 1px outlines, I can see my objects

2.93 thick x-ray outlines, just an ugly mess

I keep using 2.79 theory build, I don’t care bout eve, but new blender versions are adding nice features like geometry nodes and faster cycles with viewport denoise :frowning:

I know there is no way to fix it, it’s just a complaint now