Blender 2.8 viewport updates

Hey everyone, I’m gonna start this thread as a place to hold interesting updates or experiments with the new viewport features.

No UI bickering here, just cool new features and feedback on the workbench engine, Eevee, Overlays and widgets, sound good?

I’ll start:

Check out the new cavity/edge shading in workbench, with shadows and overlaid primary edges (adjusted the wireframe slider to only show edges of non planar faces. I do believe the addition of that slider is the first time that I really saw a usability upgrade for wireframe mode. Not only do we still have it, I believe it is even better than in 2.7.

And it looks pretty!


Somebody know they will add a version without noise if it’s possible?

There are sliders to change the number of samples:

It can be pretty smooth if you crank it up:

Shown here at 48 samples


I like to have something really clean, no aliasing, no noise etc.


Is that a custom matcap on there?

The reflection looks really nice.

Yes it is, I’m making some for 2.8, it’s just a test.


One issue I am frequently running into is the nodegroups in cycles not being recognized in eevee.

It looks like the nodegroup isn’t accepting input and it is only outputting based on the default values.

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A contrast slier was added to bone selection.
It is better. But I don’t understand why overlays settings about bones are restricted to Pose Mode.
They are needed in Edit mode of armature. Rig is built in Edit mode.

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Bastien just changed the wireframe coplanar edge hiding code to increase performance. rather than per edge, the effect is per vertex.

The effect works ok for some objects, but leaves in a lot more edges on other objects:


It’s not bad, but for a lot of CAD models, and other triangulated surfaces, it isn’t gonna cut it:

I wonder could they add ability to make everything see-through, but leave active object solid? Also, blender lets you sculpt on object even if its behind inactive mesh. It would made more sense with this mode, since atleast we coud see what we are doing.

I guess this is the appropriate place to ask this.

When I set light probes in my scene, is it supposed to refresh the lighting if I so much as sneeze in its general direction? If not, is there a way to prevent it from doing so?

This is how it should have been since the beginning!

I’m happy they listen to us or spring guys.

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They currently are much too sensitive to any change in the scene. I believe there will be more caching and saving options in the final execution.

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Is it normal to have so much difference between Lookdev and Eeeve?
Lookdev is supposed to help making shaders, so we need the correct lighting from IBL’s.
Right now it’s likethe diffuse lighting of the IBL from lookdev is blurred, so, it’s not really usable.


I’ve had the exact same thought. Maybe start a new thread for 2.8 viewport ideas or something.

Something like this?


really curious on how eevee will handle UDIM in viewport.

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Love that ! Threads should remain focused on a topic or split into new threads.

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A cool technique for AO used in the last Final Fantasy :

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