Blender 2.8, VR animation and Alembic looping - Need some help

Hi guys, I’m a very new user of Blender, and so far I’m extremely happy with it!

I do a lot of work in VR, some of it in Quill. I’ve made a scene and exported that as an Alembic file with animation.

My problem now is that the alembic animation stops playing when it reaches the last keyframe in Blender 2.8, and I can’t seem to find a way to make it loop, independently of the timeline settings. I’d like to be able to loop individual layers, without looping the whole scene.

I tried switching to “override frame” in the Mesh sequence modifier, and tried to impot the following code: #(frame - 1) % 4 + 1 but it only made the animation stop for the object I added it too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There are two ways of making an action repeat in Blender…

  1. you can use the NLA to repeat and mix between actions. this is good if you want to (say) loop one action for a while, then change to another one - then slowly phase between two loops. is a good tutorial on this (I think - not watched it through).

  1. Channel > Extrapolation mode > Make Cyclic in either Graph editor or Dope Sheet looks good and is very short.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, I’ll try this out tomorrow :+1:

And if neither of those get you where you wanna go, Wayne Dixon did one as well:

Thanks guys, I’m really curious to see if these works with an Alembic mesh sequence.

I also found this…

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Thanks a lot guys, works for me. Perfect! Can’t wait to share some work with you :slight_smile: