Blender 2.80 cursor has turned into a circle and I can't get rid of it!

My cursor is replaced by this circle and I can’t seem to turn it off after searching for hours! I thought it’s proportional editing - but you can see on the top bar that it’s not on.

It’s not there in any other workspace though, so it looks like it’s this viewport specific.

if I hold the left mouse button and roll the scroll button up or down another dotted button grows or shrinks out of this main circle

What’s this thing?
How do I turn it off?

It could either be ‘c’ select, in which case, (assuming LMB select), press your RMB ot hit ESC and it will go away.
Alternatively, you may be in “circle select” from the select/box select /circle select. In that case, press ‘w’ to toggle through the choices.

I had selected circle select while trying go get the special menu (w) - didn’t realize it’s gone and w is used for selecting the type of selection tool!
Thank you!

No problem, tripped me up a couple of times. :slight_smile: