Blender 2.80 not importing .obj and files

Hello everyone, please let me introduce myself. My name is Danny from Canada. Am relatively new to Blender and to 3D modeling. Having zero creativity and modeling talent I purchased and downloaded models from CGTrader. All were extracted no problems. I then start Blender and go to File > Import and navigate to the respective folder to import the .obj file. Here is the problem. In the window showing the available files, they are listed by name and 0 B. Attempting to import these files result with a lengthy error message from Blender. But when I manually go and check that folder, the files have data, some 350 Kb other 700Kb.

Not all of the .obj files behave that way. Some I can import but I get the same issue when I am in Shading view and try to drag and drop .png images for texturing. These .png do have data, in fact I can open them in Gimp.

As for troubleshooting, I have repaired Blender, uninstalled and reinstalled Blender 2.80, installed 2.79b, tried on another computer and re-downloaded them. At this point, I am at a loss. Anyone seen this before? Bad download maybe? Thanks very much.

I’ve been importing a lot of obj files with textures lately and it’s been working fine, Blender 2.8 on both Windows and Linux. Maybe there is a problem with your original files.

It might be a scale related issue. The model might import too small or too big for the default scene settings. Or it’s transforms are such that it’s not in the center of the scene.

Open a fresh blender, and delete all objects from the scene, check the Outliner you deleted everything.
Then import an OBJ, and refer to Outliner to see if there’s a new object in there!

Hi. Thanks… both of you for your quick replies. @0rAngE. The scale issue never dawned on me. I followed your directions, opened a fresh Blender, deleted the cube, light and camera and then navigated to the .obj models. Showed 0 B and I attempted to import it and got my lengthy error message. There is absolutely nothing in the Outliner.

The ones I can import are huge. I have to re-scale them when I first import them. I forgot to mention in my original post that I can read the .obj files in notepad and they appear to be sppot on.

Why don’t you post the lengthy error message?

Good morning

"Traceback (most recent call last) File c:/ etc… "

I can’t view the end of the error message. It appears bottom right corner in red, remains for about 5 seconds then disappears.

I contacted the artist and he uploaded the files to a dropbox. I downloaded those and they work fine. It would appear that the issue would be in the first download of the files then.

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If you ever get an error like that and don’t get a chance to read it quick enough, go to Window>Toggle System Console and you should be able to read stuff like that there. It’s useful for thing like when addons thrown up errors or whatever.

Thanks just learned something today. Here is a print screen of the error.

Errors of this type almost always have to deal with Not Finding Something…usually a texture file. You are importing .OBJ file Right, so there should be a .MTL file also…The .MTL file structure is just a list of what texture goes to what part and its location when the .OBJ file was created. You could if you run into problems like this is to modify the .MTL file to point it to where the textures Currently are at. But that brings me to another point…your Directory Structure is convoluted to say the least. I will use mine as an example… when I get a file ( whatever type besides a Blend File) it goes into a WORK folder, Inside a folder named for the model, and inside that is a folder for Textures) ie: Scott/Work/Model/Textures When I import that file to Blender, I usually have to point it to the Texture Folder ( Find Missing Files ) and when saved from Blender I have folders inside of Documents for every Blender I am currently using like 2.79 and 2.8 RC3 ( named Blender2-8Files and BlenderFiles… and when saving a Blend file I save it into one of those folders…I will sometimes make sub_folders when needed…When I have to save in a different format…FBX or OBJ I will save them to the original folder in WORK.

When un-zipping anything…I will always Drag and drop the files to a folder I want the files to be in…I never allow Winzip to un-zip where it wants.

Just a suggestion…Not a criticism…

I have to as I have SO many files that I need to control what and where everything goes to Re-Zip or package for others to work with also…

Hi mate, thanks for your insight. I checked and I have no .mtl files. The textures are in a separate folder. Should I then move the .obj files in the textures folder?

Yes, try having all the project files in the same folder without any subfolders etc.
A lot of 3D apps look for any extra data in the root location, then any other specified path.

But from what I saw in your screenshot, the model imported fine! If it’s just the textures, you can manually connect those! You will have to create your shaders from scratch anyway, which means you will have to reconnect those textures anyway.

You can lump the whole thing together…You could even save the Blend file there…But I like to keep them in one location…and also follow @0rAngE suggestion as he is absolutely right, you will have to make up your shaders!

I keep things in a separate folder as I have to, when compiling stuff into some game engines it is a requirement, so I picked up the habit there.

Please take the time to mark whomever you feel as given you a solution, as we have been asked to request it from the admins!

Totally agree about project folder structure!

I was thinking more about everything in the same folder when we’re talking importing files from unknown sources, not knowing what the paths may be, and what extras might be linked.

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Agree also…!!
I almost always use a sub-folder for textures called either textures or materials…but that is just personal preference.

i am having the same problem with importing an .obj
this is the error i get


Just saw this…you still have the Problem…as it looks to me as if some of the vertices were thrown out of shape so they no longer have the same XYZ coordinates as they should…or in plain words, a bad save or download…can you share the OBJ file? …don’t need the textures, etc…or point me to where you got the file…