Blender 2.81 is single threaded sculpting

I coudn’t find a clear answer, ‘is blender sculpt mode mutli core?’. I then figured out I could do a test and watch ksysguard.

I first decided to try out dynotop. Setting a resolution of 200 I started sculpting using the mouse on a base mesh. According to ksysguard only one cpu was in use.

I then decided to try testing out dynotop flood fill. Setting of 125 flood filled a deformed subsurface cube. Only one cpu was reported in use by ksysguard.

I then tried sculpting with dynotop off. The sculpting test was done on the flood filled subsurface cube. With dynotop off, ksysguard reports the cpu usage of only one core.

Is there something I need to do for enable mutli core processing? Or does it only work for rendering. I know multicore rendering works, but my goodness, I have not tested this on ksysguard.

After making this post I am going to turn off the gpu and test dynotop, and none dynotop again.

After I compiled blender with openmp, I got the same results. Even with openmp blender is single core sculpting and editing.

yep, sculpting is single threaded.

Testing blender 2.81 beta. Looks like sculpting is now mutli-threaded. It’s no longer single threaded.

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