Blender 2.81

Hello to all blender lovers, my easy sketch


Looks great! Is it cycles or Evee??

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thanks, it’s Cycles

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For the curious; These are called ‘Nixie Tubes’ and you can get them fairly easily off eBay, there are circuits available for them to make clocks etc. They have nickel plated round pin legs and the base is usually bakelite, the glass envelope is narrower to allow lots to cram together and if you make valves in 3D do remember the catcher, which is excited at the factory and never again, makes the glass around it silver.

So, nice image but maybe a little more research next time! :o)

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thank you very much, very valuable information

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Bart, as you always know how to make a good mood for the weekend, thank you very much.
Have a nice weekend too