Blender 2.81a crashing upon Cycles Render

Hi there! Been using blender for years, and love it!

I have an issue with the newest release where blender is crashing upon rendering on a project imported from 2.8.

Is there away to figure out why this is happening? I did a test render with a simple cube with a totally different project file and it seems to be rendering just fine. With both files, I’m rendering in full screen to avoid the old bug but I can’t get it to behave.

Windows 10
Blender 2.81a

Yes! I stumbled on the solution for this. For some reason, I had to click ‘Lock Interface’ under the Render menu. What the heck?!Lock Interface

surprised that “lock interface” was causing this issue. What GPU do you have, will try to repeat this with my AMD setup and see if “lock Interface” on my projects also results in a crash