Blender 2.82 Crash Can't reopen project

I was working on a previous project when it suddenly crashed and every time I re-open it, Blender crashes.

I was working on this tutorial:

Working smoothly until I got to 13:47 and clicked on Weight Paint Mode, Blender Crashed.

Laptop Stats:

GTX 870m Nvidia Driver Version 425.31
Intel i7 - 4700HQ CPU 2.40 GHz
24 GB of RAM

Does anyone know how to fix this, or maybe my laptop is just not powerful enough to complete this tutorial?

Just guessing. If it is a memory issue…

  • You can try to start with factory setup on the command line to minimize addon influnces.
  • You can also start Blender with a new scene and try to append your scene from your file, so weight paint mode is not entered immediatelly.
  • You can also append your objects one by one …

Try also downloading a different version of Blender and open the file and then save it again.

I tried doing the appending and I found out that my Landscape crashes Blender. could it be that the Landscape was just too large to handle?

I tried it with Blender 2.8 and 2.81 but the same thing happened

Could be, just watch memory value on system tray.
Whats the amount of vertices of the plane, how many subdivisions? Particle amount?

Verts: 3.3 mil
subdivisions: 11 K
Particle amount: 1000
Memory says: 1.14 GB

What does it mean subdivisions 11 K ??? Did you set subdivision to 11 - no, you didn’t…
Would you attach your blend file so far and I will have a look at it? Probably could find the issue.

It says new users are not allowed to upload files, and sorry that 11k was the face count for one of my models.
How do you find subdivision numbers?
Face are 3 mil
Tris is 3.4 mil

There’s something wrong. It could be the problem, but could also be some other issue. I suggest you start again from scratch by creating your forest ground plane. Steve has around 250k of vertices in his demo.
Don’t use a high particle number and don’t use a extrem high subdivision number when you’re creating your plane with the addon (200-300 is enough), and get used to modifiers (where you can find you’re subdivision number :wink: ).
Good luck.

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Thank you for helping me!

I will try those suggestions.