Blender 2.82 not recognizing Intel UHD Graphics 620

Blender is not recognizing the Intel UHD Graphics 620 on Windows 10, Graphics driver has been updated, completely removed and reinstalled. The Chip is supporting OpenGl 4.4 in Geeks3D it even says 4.6. It is newer than the Haswell architecture so as far as I understand it, it should work?

Not personally running windows but this may help.

What exactly do you mean by “Not recognized”?

If you mean that Blender 2.8 should open and you should be able to work on it without seeing any artifacts or glitches, the answer is yes, Blender 2.8 should work on your iGPU.

But I recommend you try it on Linux, generally intel iGPU works better on Linux.

I have already gone through that but it didn’t resolve the problem.

I mean that the gpu is not available in the settings

It is correct that you do not have it available there with intel iGPU, only nVidia and AMD/ATI are supported for GPU computing.

Anyway intel iGPU are very weak for computing, you would not get benefits anyway.

You notice that you talk about OpenGL in your first message, and the settings you show in the screenshot are for OpenCL computing to render with Cycles. If you are concerned about OpenGL for Eevee, you don’t need to enable anything from Blender preferences.

I have same “issue”, I have a new dell laptop (cheap one) with i5 10th generation with integrated intel gpu.
Specs says that has OpenCL 2.1.

Hi! I know that’s been a while, but I wonder if you managed to solve it as I’m facing the same issue… Thanks a lot!

I’m new to Blender and have been trying to do my own research in order to use Blender on the road(budget laptop/chromebook) while I’m on a 3 month backpacking trip I have coming up(I running from the cold lol)! Sadly the Worst thing about anything “open source” is proper detailed info on it(forums, review websites, and so on) is always so scattered and mostly garbage and/or just “opinions”!

Blender 2.8 works fine on my AMD Ryzen5 3600 - AMD RX580 desktop so no worries there, but the laptop I’m thinking of buying is literally bare minimum specs, with only an UHD Graphics 600(which evidently has no dedicated graphics ram) and it looks like the 620 might have the same issue.

So I’m wondering if that is why Blender doesn’t work on such budget laptops(since it says it requires 1 GB dedicated ram) or is it something else? I’m actually a laymen when it comes to detailed tech lingo(though I’m a quick study), but what I gather is without dedicated graphics card ram Blender 2.8 or higher wont work. Is that about right?

BTW the budget laptop I want to buy meets all other Minimum requirements, just not the graphics card requirement I guess. So will I need to find a different laptop to get it to work, or should the UHD Graphics 600 possibly work by now/after fixes(I know this is an old post)?

Thx for any proper info!