Blender 2.82a save failed with @

I have a problem with my blend file.


Happened out of nowhere… I had it saved, next day everything i’ve done was that i just send a copy of the file to my friend then i was walking around the scene in walk mode and then idk… maybe i pressed something no idea… but i couldnt select any of the objects so i just closed it and reopen i was looking at it some more and then by the force of habit i just pressed ctrl+s before closing and here we are.

Even tho it says that blend file was saved it doesn’t keep any of the changes and deleting [email protected] doesn’t help cuz it just creates the same file again when i try to save.

Its not rll a problem in this case cus i just copied my object to another blend file but that would be a disaster if that happend when i was working on some big project and i was nearly done or something.

Ah and sorry if my english is bad, it’s not my primary language.

The walk/fly mode is a modal state. Try exiting it first?

I didn’t even tried saving while in walk/fly mode i was just trying to explain what i was doing before it happend in case that would help with solving this problem.