Blender 2.83+ have a different Viewport color rendering?

Have anyone already tried 2.83+?
What do You think about new colors when selecting something in 2.83 or 2.9, for me it’s very saturated, but what is strange that Hex codes are identical in 2.82 and 2.83.

It’s some sort of new rendering in OpenGL?
If someone know how to get 2.82 colors it would be very nice!

So, no thoughts on this?
No one use 2.83 or colors in viewport look weird just for me?

Aren’t/weren’t they fixing some color management?

there ya go:

from //

Blender 2.83: More Features

3D Viewport

  • Improve selection with many small objects in the 3D viewport. (3685347b4172)
  • Revamped color management, with compositing now performed in linear space for overlays and grease pencil for more accurate results.

We need to adapt to the new color scheme now.
Well, I will be picking the color for the selection to match 2.82, because I’m very used to it.

But maybe there is a not so painful way?
And some how we can mathematically calculate old color?

Use the HSV sliders on the color picker and just dial back the saturation, maybe the value a bit as well, should get you close.

Best what I can so far

Edge Selected. Hex: FF9928
Face Selected. Hex: F1AC48, A:0.423529 (alpha from 2.82)

But in my taste, edge thickness is much better in 2.82. 2.83 looks jugged.
Also 2.83 3d cursor looks desaturated and thinner?