Blender 2.83 missing the described new greasepencil features stated

Am I missing something as could not see the new advertised grease pencil features it vlearly states under the experimental build that its been completed?

I don’t think it’s been committed yet, it’s still being finished up in a branch.

I do think there is a good likelyhood of it being in 2.83, as I don’t think there’s that many todo items left.

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Thanks dragon, was thinking i had taken a idiot pill as despite my valiant efforts I could not locate the new features now I know why, but its weird as under experimental build it does state that these new features have been completed…however and despite the minor incorrect data under the build I’m still…

Yeah, the dev blog article does a really poor job of communicating where these changes are right now. You have to get to the end of the article for the answer and up til then it seems to be talking about 2.80 etc.

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