Blender 2.90 Lagging Horribly

My Windows 10 did an update and I recently updated the driver and now Blender’s lagging horribly…

I tried to find a way to implement “blender shortcut > Run with Graphics Processor > Integrated Graphics” but can’t locate that option despite going to the program and right-clicking as indicated.

Computer Specs:

Graphics Card Specs:

Blender Preferences:

Bumping since I’ve yet to figure this out.

I decided to uninstall blender but had to install the newest version and am still having issues.

What part is lagging? All of Blender or just the Render Preview mode?

I also thought that the Windows 10 update had caused something to change. Not just in Blender, but in several ways.

But everything seems back to normal - a few days have passed. I don’t recall if I’ve rebooted lately,

Changing between modes such as “object mode” and “sculpt mode” now takes 20-40 seconds now instead of the usual 1-5 seconds it had prior. Sometimes it takes even longer than that. :frowning:

When in sculpt mode changing brushes or trying to undo a single stroke now takes around that 20-40 second mark or the program crashes entirely.

Another issue I’m having is the “box hide” tool when used in sculpting mode can hide things, but when I press “H + alt” the command doesn’t unhide what I need to see to keep sculpting.

Is there a scenario where maybe my sculpt has too much geometry for my computer’s specs? If so, shouldn’t that also affect “object mode” and not just “sculpt mode”?

Bro, yea. Not only is Blender being buggy as hell now, but when my comptuer boots from a shutdown it takes 3-5 minutes now instead of the 5-10 seconds it would take prior.

I have absolutely no clue what I should uninstall or install for either my computer or Blender. :disappointed:

Ah, yes… trouble-shooting. Good luck!

Do you check Task Manager during “glitches”?

Decided to do a test and crapped out another sculpt to see if it was a geometry issue and it looks like that - might be the case?
Switching between “object” and “sculpt” mode doesn’t have any of the lag.

I added a “remesh modifier” to my current sculpt and that seems to have fixed the issue?

Odd thing is, I’ve done sculpts with poly counts similar to the one I’m doing now with no issue. So I’m curious what the issue is. Especially since using a remesh made me lose some detail that was kinda’ important. :cold_sweat:

I presume it’s not the worst thing ever however since I’m using this sculpt as a reference for 2D art and not animating it. Although I plan to rig it in the future.

Any suggestions on how one can sculpt and rig while conserving computer memory and prevent Blender lags?

Hi @tossadoo I seem to have the same pb. Did you find any solution yet?? :upside_down_face:

I haven’t been able to resolve the issue really either.

One thing that seemed to kind of help a little was remeshing my sculpt but now the detail’s lost by a third and even now it still lags on objects that have less than 300 vertexes. :upside_down_face: