Blender 2.91.2 Mantaflow Liquid Particles Not Visible

Hey Everyone.

Very new to Blender. I’ve been trying to play around with Mantaflow and have run into a problem I could use some help with.

When I have a default cube and apply a “Quick Liquid” to it. Everything works as expected. A domain is created, the cube is then set to be a flow object. I see liquid particles in the viewport. Everything is great…and as expected.

However if I try to set up a similar setup manually, I can’t seem to get the liquid particles to show up.
Take the default cube and in the Physics tab, apply Fluid, change it to Domain, domain type of liquid, and make sure the cache type is replay.

Add a new cube and on the physics tab apply fluid, change it to flow, flow type liquid, geometry.

No liquid particles are visible.

I’m sure I’m doing something very stupid and missing a step, but I can’t figure out where.

Any help would be GREAT appreciated! Thanks all!

So it looks like I can bake out the particles and mesh, but the live preview in the viewport doesn’t display unless I select Quick liquid first. Strange.