Blender 2.93 LTS Released!


The 2d animation industry seems to be adapting grease pencil much quicker than the 3d/vfx industry adaptation has been in the past. At 53 seconds in the feature/showcase reel; there’s a clip from an animator that used grease pencil for season 4 of the netflix series Castlevania.

Full clip here and artist’s twitter:

Also I hear grease pencil is becoming the tool of choice for new anime animators in japan.
Which is understandable as they make barely any money to survive on; so having free software that is capable is great.

Personally this release fixes a lot of the hang ups and dislikes I had with grease pencil. Namely the fill tool was just so unpredictable before this release. And multiframe fill is a godsend. And then there’s lineart which is sooooo much easier to tweak and change than freestyle.

The grease pencil module team (Antonio Vazquez and Falk David, with Yiming Wu doing lineart) is pretty small but dang if they don’t constantly produce new features and fix things at an amazing pace.


Wow, what a render performance increase.

Due to time constraints I didn’t have time to check the 2.93 alphas and betas regularily but now that it was released I decided to give my current jobs project an upgrade from 2.92 to 2.93.

With persistant data and the new OIDN I was able to reduce render times from 2:30 Minutes to 1:07 per Frame. Absolutely fantastic.


oh no! they forgot to credit ian worthington (worthikids) for captain kajima. :slight_smile:

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