blender 2 piranesi

I’ve posted this in CGSociety and fktt suggested to post it here, and ideasman42 could be the one to help me :D….

Recently I’ve tried the piranesi trial and I got enthusiast. So, since I’m a young architect, I’m now trying to choose the applications to do my job. I want to use blender as a renderer but is there piranesi export plugin? Is it in the future plans to create one?

I found this,, and I wish I could help myself to write a plug-in for blender.

Is there any other open source application similar to piranesi?

I have been wanting to know the same thing…

I thought Piranesi worked with obj or 3ds (don’t remember which one).
Probably nowadays it imports even Collada.

That means It would be not a big deal to export it to Piranesi with the current tools.

(my 2cents :stuck_out_tongue: )

Many modellers have built-in support for Piranesi and can export direct to Piranesi EPix files. And for some modellers, you can download a free plug-in to add Piranesi support.

If Piranesi is not supported by your modeller, you can usually export to DXF or 3DS format, then use our Vedute program to convert it to EPix (Vedute is supplied free with Piranesi).
Write them::
"If your preferred application is not listed, please let us know. "