Blender 3.0 Geormetry Nodes What is replacing point instance node now?

I have used point instance node in a project but now it does not work anymore and I cannot find it in the available nodes! What is replacing it now?

These are the point nodes as of Blender 3.0 daily from 19th oct…

search instance.

heres probaby what yr looking for,

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Thanks. I tried it and I had to complement with other nodes but it worked for the generation of a circular array in x and z axis… Kinda convoluted to work that way…
Thanks again…

BTW what is the difference between mesh in and geometry in ? a mesh is a geometry… no?

Geometry can be anything : mesh, point cloud, curve, volume,…

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subtle consideration :thinking:

i don’t dare to ask about mesh? Do we have to consider that it is a material made of a network of wire or thread or a geometric object as a set of finite elements but not a geometry? one is an artist/modeler/animator perception the other one is a programmer consideration… Just to make sure I am clear on the concept… Thanks

I am not following you sorry