Blender 3.0 GPU on Mac

Hi, hoping this is a straight forward answer

I am using a AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB graphics card on a Mac, and have been searching online to see if it can render using my GPU with Blender 3.0 on Mac, but cannot find a clear answer. The support only seems to be for Microsoft in Beta.

Is it possible to render using my GPU on Blender 3.0 with Mac?

I don’t think so, although another avenue to keep an eye on is blender 3.1 metal development. right now its only apple silicon support, but I think they are aiming to support intel based systems (and presumably their amd gpus) as well.

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Ah ok, I had seen some pieces about it but thought the support was in 3.0, thanks for the response

As a Mac user, I can affirm that support for both CPU-types is extremely important: computers naturally have a multi-year service life, and one mustn’t assume that someone is going to ditch their computer just to run your software. XCode’s support for multiple CPU types is quite good.

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