Blender 3.0 keyboard shortcuts stop working with a graphic tablet

Hi all, I noticed that keyboard shortcuts stop working with my graphic tablet (Huion q11k).
If I switch to mouse then they work fine. I update my graphic tablet drivers but nothing changed.
On Blender 2.93.5 stable it’s working fine with no problems so it must be a Blender 3.0 issue.
I m not sure though it’s a bit confusing.
My OS is windows 10 with latest updates.

Hello, I was experiencing this same problem today. What fixed it for me was going to the Huion Tablet program, then clicking on administrative privilege in the Home/About tab.

Huion kamvas pro 13 / Windows 10 / Blender 3.0.1

Thanks for the response! Recently I bought a Wacom intuos Bluetooth medium size, but I will test your solution because I want to use my Huion tablet on my second PC.