Blender 3.0 official release date?

Hey guys,
anyone know, when full version of 3.0 come out?
Thank you.

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December 1st, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

December the 3d actually.



That’s pretty cool. I remember when Blender would fit on a single floppy disk.

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Hey guys,
is there classic installation version, because on the website is only zip.

there are three, zip, msi, msix for Windows… may take a while to load the page though, seems to be lagging. (the daily builds page)

and the main page still isn’t updated…

Ton says

BTW: release will happen today around 1700 CET. This tweet will exist while true :slight_smile:


Man, that’s 9 hours from now! I’ll be old by then!

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Isn’t it less than 1h from now?

No, a little less than 2 hours. This should translate to your local time (I think)



I’m gonna nod my head, and pretend I just didn’t do something really dumb like see the 17:00, and immediately assume it meant 5PM EST.

You can get it now if you know where to look. :eyes:

But is it the correct one?

Well they can pull it any time in the next hour, of course.

Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping to start 3.0 up before work, and my lunch break will be occupied. After work it is then. Maybe I can convince my boss Blender is more essential to my job than a firewall audit?

Thanks for posting though. Now I can stop refreshing the page every few minutes.

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The download is now available from the main page. Good luck.

It is a bit slow though. 25 KBps only

Looks like Mac isn’t available or the link is broken.

It’s there. The site’s hammered at the moment, so it takes about forever to load anything, but I was eventually able to get a download prompt for the .dmg file after selecting Apple Silicon from the dropdown box.