Blender 3.0 on Windows 7

Hello. Has anyone managed to run blender 3 under windows 7?
Version 2.93 could be run by following the information below, but version 3.0 no longer works.

Thanks for any advice.


I did, just follow this link . On Right side on screen you will see “Releases”, click on release number and download full Blender (zip file) it will work on Win 7.

Some guy on this link, did this support - for Win 7.
Maybe and later versions will be supported too on that link.



is there any way to get the Steam release of blender working again? swapping the dlls worked back during 2.93

edit: i just swapped all the loose files in steam’s blender directory with the loose ones in the zip, seems to work, time will tell if it holds up in the long run haha

I think no. It’s not just about dlls, this is different way to support Blender v3.0 on Win 7.

Edit: I’m glad that you succeeded. Seems, that can work on this way too…hahaha.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :upside_down_face:

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asset browser freezing and not working

Asset browser work well. Maybe your “.blend” file not good.

on windows 7?

Yes on Windows 7…I not using Win10 or worse Win11…


hmm may be antivirus

I noticed that version 3.0.1 appeared in the link indicated by Aleksa, but there are problems with running under windows 7. Can someone else confirm?

I try it version 3.0.1 under Win_7 and don’t have problems with running. Delete whole folder and unpack it again. Other, try to refer a problem on that link.

Is blender 3.1 or 3.2 available for Windows 7?

Blender 3.1 or 3.2 for now it’s not available for Win_7, i assume because it’s not stable release. For further info, see link above or this link (it’s the same):

Blender 3.1 is available for Win_7, for info about future releases for Win_7 follow this link or link above…


God bless this guy nalexandru. I don’t want switch to windows 10. I don’t unferstand such policy to force people change their OS.

  1. Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. And hasn’t been for 2 years. Staying on a OS that doesn’t receive updates is a giant security risk.

  2. Trying to continue to support the api calls of win 7 within blender; creates a ton of coding overhead and work arounds.

    (developers response from this forum thread

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I could only repeat myself: thanks to enthusiasts who really care about blender users who don’t want to use new microsoft OS. There are many reasons for millions of users to keep using windows 7. If BF doesn’t care about them, I hope there always will be people like nalexandru who make blender work on windows 7.

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You say that is Win 10 secure or 11 ??? No, you are not right. Any new Win OS is not secure, even if M$ say so. The people like Hacckers are prove this.

It’s not point into security, because it’s not exist - point is into money. Every security can be broken, so you are under security risk even on newest Win OS. I’m currently still on Win 7 and i’m fine.

Win 10 are themed Win 7 with expanded DirectX 12 which is designed to be original on Win 7.

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