Blender 3.0 - Shader Editor stuck on World

I find that the Shader Editor is stuck on World - the drop down doesn’t work so I am unable to switch to Object for editing.

Also, this is intermittent - a couple of times it seemed to work, but mostly it is stuck.

I am wondering, has anyone else had this problem or know of an error I am making?

Thanks for any clues.

Do you have it pinned?

No, not pinned. I pinned it, then un-pinned it. Made no difference in either case.

Sounds like a bug you should probably report.

You most likely have an incompatible add-on. Try File->Defaults->Load Factory Settings and then try it.

Yeah…probably as @Zoot said as I use it all the time and haven’t had this problem…

Thanks to all. Yes indeed, there was a bug. Unfortunately, the bug was in my head.

See attached JPGs and note that the word “world” appears twice in the corner of Blender 3.0. I was clicking on the wrong “world” . Don’t tell anyone.

2.93.4 3.0


Lol. That’s just all kinds of funny :smiley:

Yep, I’ve been there

Do you say “…duh…”?