Blender 3.0?

I do a read only git hub compile of Blender every couple of hours and now the splash screen says it’s 3.0… I know 2.93 went beta, but, … just curious…blender 3

…aw snap. It be on now. :open_mouth:

oops, I posted this in the wrong forum, meant for the developers… sorry

Ok, I am now un-confused… With the the beta release today, the alpha version bumped to 3.0… so, the next big thing is 3.0 (I didn’t read the docs at the time I did the compile…)

If you compile Blender, a lot of the fixes in 2.93 are not in the 3.0 alpha, just a heads up. So, just download the experimental 2.93 beta for those fixes…

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3.0000000000000000000 here we come!

Next stop: Blender 3000

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3.0 is the master branch now which was 2.93 a little while ago. All commits to 2.93 after 3.0 was created get committed to 3.0 (master) before they’re then pushed to 2.93-release branch, so there should never be a fix in 2.93 that’s not also in 3.0 (AFAIK).

I asked Pablo and he said not all the fixes merged… so, dunno, I’ll be doing a build in a few hours… I do that twice a day…