Blender 3.00, we still don't have an option to delete materials/actions with a simple x

So I’ve been looking how to delete unused actions and materials, and it turns out that you need to either use python commands or shift + x unlink and close the blend file.

This is one of the worst interface design choices I’ve ever seen

Does anybody have an addon that can speed up this horrible process? This is pure madness

here you can do that… Screenshot 2021-12-13 082757

Hah, never knew that one, what about actions? Do you know how to delete them?

Also I’m pretty sure it doesn’t “delete”, but it only removes unused materials from that specific objects. That is not what I mean

actions of the dope sheet you mean?

here, also same for the materials (or all type of data), just click to select the first one as active, and then shift click the last one to select the rest in between them and right click and select remove …
Screenshot 2021-12-13 083639

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Sooo I need to switch to probably least used menu in whole blender, right click, and delete one at a time right, welp, guess there is no better option

thanks blender

re-read again :joy:

Instead of the “Blend File” dropdown you can also go to the “Orphan Data” dropdown and hit the “purge” button. All unused data blocks will then be deleted from the file unless they have a fake user.

Hey, don’t hate on the Blender file Mode. :wink:

I use it every day and it is very useful if you know how to use it.

Blender by default purges the lowest level of data blocks that don’t have users, that’s why “Fake Users” exist, so when your data blocks have no users Blender doesn’t delete them. If you have to press shift+x on them they are not unused.