Blender 3.4 Mix node how to auto swap?

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In Blender 3.4 we have a new mix node, that is a combined node. Previously, it was basically the Mix RGB. When you had 2 nodes (A and B slots) plugged in, you could swap them.

Now, if I want to do that, the latter one simply disconnects. I work almost always with procedural textures, and looking for “the other one” is just a pain. Takes a lot of time, and harder to compare differences.

Is there a workaround for this?

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You should enable node wrangler addon. It has a lot of tools to facilitate nodes use.

With this addon enabled, you just have to press Alt S to swap links of a mix node.


Hi, thanks! Sure, I always use node wrangler, but I wasn’t aware of that trick. I should read the full hotkey list in the settings :grin: I will check it out! :blush:

PS: it works marvelously, so I consider it as a solution ofc :grin:

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