Blender <3

Since i have discovered Blender sofrware i am just mindblown…
And i cannot imagine spending time by computer without it being on.
Just wanted to send a huge Thank You all for moving Your minds
out there for making this thing to happen.
It is unimaginable and totally unreal thing
to click into, it is just absolutely everything for a dreamer!


I’ve been using blender since 2004, maybe even 2003. It’s been a ride.


same here blender 2.2 something

I think i started messing with it more than 4 or maybe 6 years ago
while i’ve been doing all of those jobs and often i felt very sad because
after work, i wouldn’t get myself up to do any Blender stuff.
Because so little time i had to mess with it or just to surf through this
amazing forum in order to snatch or scavange for blends to look into them.
I’ve recenly deleted all of my files which i had Blended up with no regrets,
and took everything as a practice in keying and just continuing with modelling.
I’ve learned a lot about constraints for armatures like tracking and loads of
other things which players don’t get to see when they play any game.
As well as texturing and unwrapping. Physics generators and their chains
for shelf outcomes and other huge ideas.
Not so long ago, i figured out some implementations for AI.
With idea of making for example x7 screens of AI, with dimensions for example 20x50 (WHICH COULD BE BIGGER) and same
dimension sensor set moving forward from character let’s say for 300 meters.
To give AI screens their picture by giving those 20x50 color change actions maybe with rotational drivers or unique leveled integer property for every pixel
and all of it for window or stage shutters of those screens or something which passes
from being in front of the screen and passing through the screen to be behind of it to get info based on collisions and leveling properties with sensors colliding with objects in space to respond to if statements to get a bigger idea of what AI can do, even adding priority switches
to generate cycles of gathering wood and fishing, but excluding gathering of berries and shrooming
for additions in AI players calendar while possibilities are pretty much endless.
While the event of AI reaching a certain value in one resource or material could
even set it out for sale by its house for real player or other AI things to buy and even
to use their implemented knowledge or options of extracting ones from a bunch and use their alchemy
features to mix components by making two to end in order to make 3rd to progress if
their needs to upgrade their “loot” to be able to go for harder spawns to farm.
It may be a bit laggy to think of everything in the same time but if people lay these ideas
out under a stretched out context it is well possible i guess while i haven’t yet made these things
because i keep joggling with design to achieve best possible visual results and optimizing geometry to keep it all with as low as possible geometry as i possibly can to save ram.
While still keeping in mind how it is to play starcraft against nightmarish computer.

I was like wth is this thing… it is so… i cant even express myself, these things can be alive, silly and entertaining in the same time good or evil… often this idea is not letting me to sleep at nights…
just got to apply and set up perfect timing for it all so that player gets a chance to fight, and basically train senses and minds reaction.
While i’ve got the whole character skill tree to work on.
Just matter to come up with best possible designs and moves for them
while I have never seen this idea mentioned in any tutorials which i’ve seen before even mentioned
anything about these screens and sensor camera object setup.
I got to do my best with creeps now and models so that when i look
at any of my models, i can say yes this is something i feel proud of that
i have done until not a single vertex point i can judge and until i am satisfied with my results.
While all of these bad guys and monsters just going to be rolling and the blood and the gore and all of thet crazy massacre stuff… mmmm lovely!
I also played a lot with mouse script which is totally mind blowing with logics options to parent and unparent stuff for changing locations of items for stuff in enviroment or inventory.
Also the save and load scripts were just blowing off my roof.
I really enjoyed making RTFX type of spell visual ideas by using path and many different
kind of geometric shapes pulled through them along with emitter actions set in time aswell as the transparecy and stuff which i found in one tutorial made by one cool
china guy.
I had few good days just of experimenting and doing alot of that… it was awesome.
Just re-thinking everything, and starting everything from scratch to give my spider
fingers proper excersise, like with a new approach and trying to keep in mind some crucial
things and sort of time wasting mistakes i’ve been making. And also
that self judgement of what i’ve modelled and is it really the art that
i will want to see everyday as i keep moving on and just modelling.
While i’m quite thinky about what will be able to fit in blends so that
my current laptop or average laptop will be able to cope with
as every game has it’s system requirements while i am aware that it is
not the case of Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v to junk up or fill stuff from empties
to see how sluggish your computer will start to cope with it all to be called as
any kind of testing.
Should be to the theme i guess… It’s been a ride huh?
I still cant stop thinking about those wicked creeps i will
keep coming up with for taming skill in my project.
Tamilamas and different kind of dragons and how they will move… Urghh

By the way do You think that it is true that once a mother of a kid told him to
do something instead of playing the game and he killed her because of his addiction of
playing? I it was Ultima Online.
Something somewhere passed by my eyes or ears about it, You think it is true, i wonder how
game makers feel about it. Crazy.
What’s Your favourite game btw?
I wont play it if You would write, as i have killed that demon of addiction of playing totally.
I’m just curious.
No games interest me at all
but only messing with blender towards my projects.

I’ve got 2.78, but i think i may aswell download older versions to look into them, tough i’ve been doing it but the gap of those versions was not so big from which i’ve been checking out.
Wicked stuff Man… Totally…
What’s Your favourite game btw?
Don’t you think that it is a bit weird that in most of the games armors don’t look like they could give any strenght? While they do by looking at props.

I decided to do something about it, and make most of my armor sets
with hydraulics. So i will need to come up with virtual technology for it all.
Like for example, if the leg is in the boot. Boot would be equipped with digital scale
mechanism inside of it and measuring the amount of power applied for the whole thing to give
player some extra strenght. :mechanical_arm: and do basically craziest moves also at crazy speeds.
While the software updates installed from hacker NPCs are going to teach character
to do things and become a better fighter against evil even when it is wihtout it’s suit
until character will be able to jump higher and so on.
I have no mechanic education, just will need to use my imagination
and improvise to come up with many different designs. But all of them are going to be based on this kind of hydraulic technology.
I am so excited, i cannot wait to get to their rigging while i have to make quite a few.
They will be totally awesome.

Here’s just a quick sketch of a boot and the places in which the boot is going to be bending
powered by those hydraulics which are not done quite yet. But it will be mad.
Big inspiration to start making this was a Brass Armor set from Mu Online game.
I was even considering the idea of giving the suit some wings just as in Mu online
game, but they maybe also round propeller type of wings, not just sort of mechanical type of wings or just magic wings
while these pieces of armor also maybe are going to have some additions to magic spells, because it is not going to be just strenght and speed. Lol, got to make it all so tight so that players are going to pull sickies to get their butts back home to play my game and loose jobs so that someone starts responding to my job applications… Loool… But oh well, everyones have their time to rest and play… just going to use mine to make this happen. Huge thanks to all of the minds who made blender to happen once again.
Once my main characters as males and females are going to be well rigged i am going to start adding these to their movement. There’s going to be so many mindful approaches which will have to be kept in mind to make it look like it actually works.
Going to have to work on quests to help towns lumberjacks to chop trees… and miners with breaking hardest rocks to get to some minerals or gems.
I hope i inspired someone for their Blender works by sharing my sketch.

Bro you need to start using SPaG in your writing (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) because if you are talking so much people will lose interest, you have to be concise as possible, also make sure you use paragraphs too.

Okay, i’m going to read it again and try to correct it.

I did my best with the 2nd edit. Btw, i am a drop out of school, i have not finished the system of education.
And most of my english comes from listening to hip hop and just watching telly or sinking in forums and trading virtual items in past while i was playing games. Or just rubbing what i write into poeple out of hell of practicing my typing skills and bragging how unfair this world is and just being rude in general.

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Your English is good. It’s was just hard to read the text.

Ty, and i tried to correct the first a bit too.
Btw, I was drunk when I wrote that, now i am not.