Blender 3D animation: Beware The Moon

I’ve been in two minds about posting this, given the high quality of the work featured here, but ‘what the hell’ finally won out:

As the video description says, this is my first Blender project. It’s a long way from perfect (the version in my head is so much better), but considering that this time two and a half months ago I hadn’t even heard of Blender, I’m mostly happy with it.

Content warning: It’s fairly dark stuff, so probably not ideal viewing for youngsters. Or the particularly squeamish …

And I’d love some feedback, if anybody would care to offer some.

Hey - I managed to watch about 3-4 mins into the animation before my computer called it a day, but from what I saw, you are onto something really good for your portfolio. Just bear in mind that your clip was the first I’ve seen after a long break from youtube and the likes.
From a 3d users’ point of view, you didn’t have a walk cycle, and the humanoid is from make-human right ?
Anyways, since you are about 2.5 months into blender, I’ll give you top marks for progress using the cameras and objects (if you designed them yourself), and the camera work is quite good too. All the best and look forward to your next few postings!

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I did resort to Makehuman for the character model, but I did some work on the import. Everything else - the room, the objects, lighting, etc. - I designed and modelled myself (though I followed one online tutorial for the chair).

I did struggle with humanoid modelling, hence using Makehuman, plus I made some poor - and hasty - rigging choices early on, which made fundamental animations - such as a walk cycle - a sbit of a struggle too. I kinda hoped using and switching between as many cameras as I did would distract from those issues. :slight_smile:

I learnt a hell of a lot though, just trying stuff out and seeing what’s possible, and I’m hopeful the mistakes I made with this one will help me get those elements right with my next project.

No worries - you have gone much further than me, and I have been at blender for about three years, nothing professional, just a sideline hobby. I sometimes put stuff up in WIP, or blender tests as I am not quite ready yet for the hard critics. I plan to put up a “Walk” I derived from *.bvh soon, so you may wish to keep an eye out for that - nothing glamourous, but it does take 10-20 hours away from the traditional 3rd frame by 3rd frame method . . .