Blender 3D (basic) tutorial: how to model a golf ball in Blender 2.6x (bmesh ngons)

Hello everyone! In this BASIC tutorial we will see how to model a golf ball in Blender 3D 2.66 (with ngons and bmesh modeling); maybe the result is not a 100% regular golf ball, but I think it looks good.

Text version (and more tutorials) here:

Hope you like it; bye!

There must have been some changes to the default behaviour of the bevel modifier, because following these instructions in Blender 2.68a do not give such a clean hexagonal mesh. There are also a couple of extra parameters in the bevel modifier panel: segments, a Clamp Overlap checkbox, and a vertex group limit method.

In any event, the bevel defaults of Width: 0.1000 and Segments: 1 do not work.

Nice tutorial. I’ve been using blender for years, but didn’t know the select similar area trick. Thanks :slight_smile: