Blender 3D bug tracker forum?

I posted my Blender bug/problem to this forum. Is this the right place?

Anyhow is there a chance that an official bug tracking forum could be created here. End users could describe problems which would help the developers refine the program and make it much more reliable. (I like the results others apparently have accomplished with this program, but I can’t get it to work on my computer. Making the program more stable on a wider range of machines would improve its standing amongst graphic artists and allow for a much larger user base.)

Simply put - the users would post their OS, processor, graphics card or chipset, RAM, and a brief description of the bug and when it occurs. Also any error screen information should be submitted when possible. (Not sure if Blender creates any crash logs like Wings, but if it does make a file somewhere - being able to submit that would be useful as well.)

Also this could be the place where developers also post bugfixes and info on where to download patches, and perhaps a progress sticky with information about upcoming updates.

There is already a full feature bugtracker over at