blender 3d games to other systesms

So i was doing some reading and i had to ask a question. Blender is written in C++ with python on-top. You can code Android things in C++,C, etc. Would it be hard to build an add-on to export games into a Android file. Also would it be worth it. I was thinking about it cause unity has it also there are several new Android handheld consoles i would like to test a game i am making on it.

Also could it be done for the nds since it is written in C++. Blender could very easily make games for the ds,nds.

just asking…Also i want blender products (games) to be available to other platforms. More people would use it and donate to the research and to keep blender updated.


I agree with you Mate :D, I was also thinking about this , that there should be more platforms in blender that means we can make our games for more platform other than pc. It will be really great if Android can be added in blender :smiley: for me , as I am very very interested in making some good Android games. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the Thread

thanks i will look in to the link. i know it will take some work and i have no problem with that. but i think blender should support other platforms. again thanks and merry Christmas.

that means we can also import our game as a APK file for our android platform, :smiley:

If that is true I am really happy about that, Best of Luck to GSOC Project Team :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information anurag.k