Blender 3D glasses

Blender 3D glasses, why doesn’t the Blender Shop sell them yet?


I think their production team is focused on the Ton action figure :smiley:

Hah, nice! When you wear the glasses it’s 3D! I love those sorts of pictures. What program did you use to get the ‘3D’ effect? Not blender I presume?

It is acctually very easy to make 3d pictures, there are a lot of simple tutorials online and I have also tried to do some pictures with blender. It has a very nice effect! To get 3d effect you would need a program like photoshop or gimp.

you can do it in Blender!


It was completely done with Blender!

I got the inspiration to experiment with 3D glasses (ChromaDepth, ColorCode & Anaglyph) via nodes thanks to this conference video:

Creating the Impossible with Blender Nodes with Colin Litster (UK)

Because our eyes are more sensitive for green than red I tried to fiddle with those values to reduce the ‘edge’ overspill.


good work,but,can´t you make the stereo version?

The stereo version? You mean 2 images next to eathother? With Nodes? Sure, but probaby from the next version (or current CVS that includes a node that shifts the image). Just need to add all the nodes to a new scene then where I set the compositing on. The left and right scene are set compositing off (as they in itself need no compositing). And then in the node scene define the image dimensions 2 times the width and composite/shift the two scenes into one side-by-side stereogram.

Side by side I didn’t find so interesting. Maybe I’ll make one…

Hi Logan,

Great to see you using this technique. Over the next few days I will be releasing some new quick tutorials, and one of those will show the technique I demonstrated at the Blender Conference.

Colin Litster (Cog)